It takes time to resolve problems especially chronic problems so treatment usually means having several treatments, usually weekly. During treatment other parts of Chinese medicine may be combined with acupuncture such as herbal medicine, moxa or cupping.

At the initial consultation I discuss with my clients the course of treatment and the methods I may employ to resolve the particular condition, based on my prior experience and knowledge, this is called prognosis. Treatment with acupuncture or Chinese medicine in general is safe, any adverse side effects during or after treatment are extremely rare and very unlikely when given by trained and experienced practitioners.

Our Treatments


For optimum results when receiving acupuncture there are some guidelines which
are given to maximize the benefits clients receive from their treatment:

  • Give details of any prior history of fainting, panic attacks, diabetes, blood disorders such as hemophilia or any information you feel might be relevant to your receiving acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Ensure that your full medical history is entered on the patient intake form, including any medication you are currently taking.
  • On the day of treatment do not drink any alcohol, take any recreational drugs,or eat a large meal two hours prior to treatment.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Arrive early try not to rush before treatment.
  • Take things slowly directly after treatment, ease back gently into your day.
  • Sometimes, although rare, a bruise can occur at a site that has been needled, if this does happen there is no cause for concern, it may take a few days to disappear, it can happen to clients who are especially prone to bruising.
  • If you feel a little sleepy or very relaxed after treatment, drink a glass of water, sit down for five minutes or go for a short stroll, this is a common effect but soon passes.
  • If you have to leave at a certain time, let us know before your treatment commences.
  • Please allow at least 24 hours notice of any change to your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee for the cost of your treatment.

If you have any other question or concerns, you can contact Ray Ford on (02) 9954 3342 or email for more information.